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Haitian restaurant:

Haitian restaurant near me is worth knowing for enjoying delicious food served over there along with a remarkable services provided by the staff.
What is haitian cuisine?
Haitian cuisine comes from Haiti, it includes traditional cooking. Different ethnic groups were inhabited in the western portion of the island of Hispaniola. Those ethnic groups were African, French, Taino, Spanish and Arab. It is somehow similar to Latin Caribbean.The Taino and Spanish techniques and African and French flavors, makes the Haitian cuisine special. 15 Best Restaurants in Denver

 Up to 5 Star Haitian restaurant near me

Mom’s Restaurant Haitian Cuisine and Bakery

La Belle Jacmelienne Cafe

 5 Star Haitian restaurant near me

Famous Haitian dishes:

The Haitian dishes are made by using a lot of herbs and some of peppers. Riz collé aux pois (diri kole ak pwa is a good example of Haitian cuisine dishes served in Haitian restaurants near me. It is a dish in which rice are served with red kidney beans. The Pinto beans can also be used in place of kidney beans. There is a meditate used as a sauce for glazing and onions, tomatoes and red snapper as a topping. This dish is most commonly known as Riz National, and we can consider the dish as national rice of Haiti.

Rice with beans are also famous but less than the rice with beans and meat. The beans can we black beans, red beans, white beans or peas. The sauce pois (sos pwa) is beans puree. This puree is eaten with rice.The chicken is made delicious to eat by bowling it in a marinade. The ingredients of marinade may be lemon juice, sour orange, scotch bonnet pepper, garlic and some additional seasoning. After boiling the chicken is fried till it becomes crispy.

Another famous Haiti dish is legume Haitien, is a vegetable stew which is made up of mixture of mashed vegetables like Brinjal, spinach and others.Pasta is also remarkable in Haiti dishes. They are lot of dishes including soups, stews, rice and a lot more.

Which are the best Haitian restaurants near me?
Haiti cuisine is a famous cuisine and famous all along the world. Therefore, many Haiti restaurants near me are established in the world for providing best Haiti food to the Haiti food lovers.
There is a long list of the best Haitian restaurants near me some of those are mentioned below:more

Best 3 Haitian Restaurant Near Me Best 3 Haitian Restaurant Near Me

1- Caribbean spices:

Caribbean spices
Caribbean spices

Caribbean Spices Restaurant is uses colorful and flavorful ingredients and spices in the island. They serve different quantity of dishes for fulfilling your appetite from small portions to huge portions of meal.They provide both taken away and dine in services.

Come with your family and enjoy the food in well decorated dining areas, and highly privileged environment, or get the packed food and take it away in your car.The signature cornbread alot of drinks, meat dishes and a variety of patties, are the attraction for customers.Caribbean Spices Restaurant is famous for providing delicious lunch, dinner and other items at reasonable prices. address 

2- Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill:

Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill
Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill

The signature dish of Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill is chicken and beef Oxtail plate. This is the top selling combo.
The other famous dishes which are among the favorites of the customers are Curried Goat, Barbeque Spareribs, Vegetarian Jerk Tofu and Coconut Curried Tofu and freshly made Caribbean Cobb Salad with Jerk Chicken or Salmon.
The thing which makes Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill, the best Haitian restaurants near me is, the home cooked food, dedication of the team and excellent services provided by the restaurant to the customers. All these features attract the customers and they visit again and again for enjoying a healthy food with delicious taste. Address

3- Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant & Bar:

Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant & Bar
Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant & Bar

Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant & Bar is one of the best Haitian restaurants near me for enjoying delicious meals in a lovely atmosphere. The restaurant strives to provide good food in reasonable prices.
The famous dishes of the restaurants are Jerk Chicken ( dark meat), Coconut fried shrimp, Tender Braised
Oxtail, Collard Greens.

There are small T’ings like BBQ Pork Spare Ribs and many others, a variety of salads, Big T’ings, vegetarian, combos, side dishes, sweet T’ings and beverages.Other than good food Coconut Caribbean also provides an excellent ambience and a great service.This was a bit about the Haitian restaurants near me, but this is not the limit. Address

You can search more Haitian restaurants in your areas, visit there and enjoy the good food along with the eye catching decorations and great services. So look for the best Haitian restaurants near me and visit at your earliest to have the signature dishes and much more!

Haitian restaurant near me is worth knowing for enjoying delicious food served over there along with a remarkable services provided by the staff.
Haitian Restaurant Near Me

Haitian restaurant menu

Menu source


House Salad (Organic)Fresh crisp lettuce with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, and avocado topped with our signature dressing.$8.99
Soup Joumou (Pumpkin Soup) (*Only Served on Sundays)A mildly spicy rich and savory pumpkin soup with added noodles, meat, and assorted veggies.$8.99
Banan Peze (Fried Plantain Slices)Lightly saltedtwice fried plantain$5.99 (10-Count)
Accra (Fritters)A delicious blend of fresh organic herbs and spices smashed up and lightly tossed in flour and fried to a golden brown crisp.$8.99 (10-Count)
KibbehMade of organic cracked wheat, minced onions, lean ground beef, and topped off with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove.$8.99 (5-Count)
AkasanDelicious booster cornmeal drink legacy from our Taino ancestors. ("Only Served on Sundays)$8.99
Patties CreoleBeef, Chicken and Cod Fish$3
Poisson (Fish Whole Red Snapper)A tasty, succulent fresh red snapper fish well-seasoned and marinated in a blend of organic herbs and spices. (Cooked FRIED or STEWED in sauce.)$4.65+
Gisele's Red Snapper FilletGisele's well marinated and seasoned boneless Snapper fillet.$24.99
Cabrit (Goat Meat)Chunks of wild Australian goat meat that are well marinated and seasoned to perfection in a blend of fresh organic herbs and spices. (Cooked STEWED in sauce or FRIED.)$18.99
Turkey CreoleBits of turkey portions well marinated, seasoned, and deep fried to a golden brown tender, crisp and juice taste$14.99
Legume (Vegetable Stew)An assortment of well seasoned and braised organic vegetables that have been put together and stewed in a hearty and rich style consumption.$11.99
Poulet (fried Chicken)Flavorful pieces of leg and thigh well prepared in a marinade of organic herbs and creole seasons. (Cooked FRIED)$12.99
Queue Boeuf (Oxtail)Slowly simmered succulent chunks of braised oxtail that fall off the bone with every bite, well marinated & seasoned to perfection. (Cooked FRIED or STEWED in sauce)$18.99
Chicken WingsCrisp and juicy fried wings covered in Gisele's special home made sauce$10.99
Fritay (fritters)With Meat, Marinade (fried dough), Banane (fried plantations) comes withour choice of either delicious fried Cabrit (Goat) $16.99, Poisson (Fish) $23.99, Turkey Creole $23.99, Chicken $12.99 or Chicken Wings $12.99 and our Gisele's Piklis... Marines (flour dough), Accra (yautia) friend Plantain and special Gisele's Piklis
Kids Menu////
Chicken FingersGolden brown on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. (served with Mac & Cheese or French Fries)$8.99
Gisele's Red Snapper FilletGisele's well marinated and seasoned bonesless Snapper filet$10.99
Black Rice$6.99
White Rice/Red Beans and Rice$5.99
Chicken Wings$9.99
Extra Piklis$1.00
Macoroni au Gratin$7.99
Gisele's Five Star Rhum CakeA deliciously moist slice of yellow cake made with Haiti's own world-famous 5 star Rhum Barbancourt and topped with Gisele's special homemade Rhum butter icing.$5.99
Pain Patate (Sweet Potato Pudding)Haitian dessert made with fresh coconut and sweet potatoes and added spices and baked. Served with whipped cream.$6.99
Bottled Water$1.99
Cola Couronne (Fruit Soda)$2.99
Cola Lacaye (Fruit Soda)$2.99
Juice (Organic - Apple, Orange, Cranberry, or Lemonade)$2.99

Beer many more
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