Best Korean Restaurants Near Me in 2023

Korean Restaurants Near Me

The Korean cuisine is a world famous cuisine. The Koreans have a refine taste that is reflected in their cuisine. In Korean cuisine the traditional recipes are presented with western influence. The dishes are served elegantly, and in flavour, these are luscious.

There are many Korean food lovers in USA, and the country is full of Korean restaurants near me for the Korean food lovers. Although, there are too many Korean restaurants in USA, but reaching the best is important. Here is a list of some best Korean restaurants in USA, where you can go and give your taste buds a yummy treat.

1- The Bulgogi + Du Kuh Bee Noodle – a popular eatery serving familiar Korean fare, including bibimbap, BBQ entrees, vegan and vegetarian options:
This restaurant has all the qualities, that a restaurant must have. It’s well-lit, the coziness is attractive and charming. Above all it has a wide menu of Korean dishes, that taste super delicious.
The food is prepared in a well manner and traditional style, you can either try hot Korean wings or signature Du Keh Bee Noodles. You will not be able to forget the taste of these flavorful dishes.

Korean restaurants near me
Korean restaurants near me

2- Sari Ramyun – a popular Korean in Portland restaurant offering Asian treats:
If you want to enjoy the Korean food and ramen, go straight to the Sari Ramyun. You will get an Asian treat by finding the long list of Asian drinks, rice, snacks and ramen, in their menu.
Once you visit the restaurant either alone or with your family, the place will give you absolute reasons to come back again. The skilled chef are perfect in making and presenting Japanese and Korean dishes.

Best Korean Restaurants Near Me
Best Korean Restaurants Near Me

3- K – Town Korean BBQ Restaurant a modern buffet restaurant offering all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue:
K- Town BBQ will leave a vibrant impression on you because of the authentic Korean flavours and cozy setting. The flavours of the dishes will take you to the Korea while sitting in the Portland.
The mouth- watering dishes will convince you to lick your fingers, after finishing your plate of barbecue.
You will enjoy the every bite of your food in a while sitting in a comfortable dining environment. The place will definitely you feel you and you will revisit it.

K – Town Korean BBQ Restaurant
K – Town Korean BBQ Restaurant

4- Honey Spicy- price fresh Korean food at affordable prices:
Honey spicy is determine to provide tasteful and fresh Korean food in a cost effective way. They have set high standards for preparing their meal to ensure that the food is healthy and fresh. Honey spicy provides a wide range of Korean foods at inexpensive prices.

Honey Spicy Near Me

5- Chungdam Korean Fusion- an option to visit casually for enjoying the Korean cuisine along with the k-pop in the background:
The Chungdam Korean is established near Powell Street Station shopping mall. After the shopping you can go there for the replenishing the energy, being consumed in shopping.
The TV plays the K-pop music and the menu shows delicious items of Korean cuisine. The popular dishes are fried chicken, noodle soup, and kimchi ramen. The restaurant is modern and you can visit there to satisfy your craving for Korean cuisine.

Chungdam Korean Fusion Near Me

6- Han II Kwan:Han II Kwan, is not ready to serve anything, less than perfect. The excellent ingredients that go exactly with the flavour of Korean cuisine to make them authentic Korean dishes are used by the restaurant. They also have a premium quality service. They are famous for the Korean BBQ.
Other than the dining rooms, the restaurant offers private rooms, that can be reserved in advance. They also offer catering for wedding, business events or other events. They will match their rates with your budget.

Han II Kwan Near me

7- Daeho Kalbijjim and Beef Soup:Daeho Kalbijjim and Beef Soup, the name of the restaurant indicates their speciality. They serve Kalbijjim in a way, that you cannot wait for a second, to start eating the dish. The melted cheese on the top, spices and other add-ons, on the most tender beef short ribs with the rice cake and optional white or purple rice, makes the dish worth eating for.
You can also enjoy the bibimbap, seolleongtang, a Korean oxtail soup, kalbitang, kimchi and a lot of other Korean dishes. They serve a significant amount of meal in reasonable prices.

Daeho Kalbijjim and Beef Soup Near Me

8- San Ho Won:Charcoal-fueled indoor kitchen, is a feature which makes San Ho Won, a unique Korean restaurant. The dishes served over here are marvelous in taste because they process authentic Korean flavours.
Whether you order a tender and juicy “jebi churi” or a shiny and glossy barbecue, you will dive deep into the deliciousness.

You can also order kimchi, sanma pajeon, the jook and a lot more.
Do not overlook the restaurant if you are searching for the best Korean restaurant near me.

San Ho Won near me

9- Surisan:At Surisan, you can find marvelously flavourful Korean dinners. The organic ingredients and the expert chefs collectively enhances the flavour of the Korean dishes being served in the restaurant.
The restaurant is spacious and have an outdoor and indoor dining accommodations. You can enjoy your delicious food along with the relaxing environment created in the restaurant.

Surisan Near Me

10- My Tofu House:My Tofu House is the best Korean restaurant near me if you are craving to eat original soft Tofu, Bulgoki, Dumpling Soft Tofu, Fish egg soft tofu and seafood soft tofu, and many other Korean dishes.
The restaurant is open for the customers, for the whole week. The hours may differ but you can find the restaurant opened daily. Visit the restaurant and enjoy the delicious Korean dishes.

My Tofu House
My Tofu House

What are the best Korean restaurants near me?
Some of the best Korean restaurants near me are:

  1. Han II Kwan.
  2. Daeho Kalbijjim and Beef Soup.
  3. San Ho Won.

What are the most reviewed Korean restaurants near me?
The most reviewed Korean restaurants near me are:

  1. Surisan.
  2. Hwan II Kwan.
  3. My Tofu House.

What are some of the best Korean restaurants near me with many reviews in Portland?
Some of the best Korean restaurants with too many reviews in Portland are:

  • Eem.
  • K-town Korean BBQ.
  • Ate-oh-ate.
  • Pine street market.
  • The Bulgogi Dukuhbee Noodles.

What are some highly rated Korean restaurants in Portland?
Some of the highly rated Korean restaurants in Portland are:

  • Dae Bap.
  • Honey Spicy.
  • 88 Seoul Food.
  • The Soop.
  • Oh Mama’s kitchen.

If you want to satisfy your cravings for Korean foods, choose a best Korean restaurant near me from the list and visit. They will never let you disappoint in taste or the services and the environment.


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