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What food is Persia known for?

Talking about Persian culture means talking about a rich and intricate culture. The Persians have ruled over the world throughout history, from India to the Middle East.
Persian food is an ethnic food that is getting popularity over time. Lamb, flatbreads, rice, and potatoes are significant at prominent in Persian food. It also has some delicious desserts.Trying new things including the food can be exciting and frightening at the same time. But just try it out.

Popular Persian foods:

Getting knowledge before trying directly, can help you to enjoy the food at its maximum. The upcoming list is a compilation of Persian food, which will give you an idea, that which food you should try first.
persian restaurants near me
persian restaurants near me

1- Kabab Koobideh:

Persian cuisine is loaded with a variety of kababs, but the most popular is kabab Koobideh. These are made up of ground beef or lamb, these kababs are normally served with rice. The meat is juicy and full of flavor, with crispy edges due to grilling.
The minced meat is mixed with amazing spices, and ingredients like sumac and red onions are prominent.
The skewers are used to shape the meat mixture and then grilled. Resulting in juicy and tender kababs. They are worth being at the top of Persian cuisine.

2- Ash Reshteh:

Ash Reshteh is a yummy soup having herbs, beans, and noodles as ingredients. It is a signature dish for eating during holidays and special events.The name comes from the Iranian word Ashe meaning ‘thick soup’ and resheteh is a kind of thin noodle.
The soup is perfect to enjoy on a cold night.Although it is a soup, still it is filling and warming. Every time you will try it you will find it flavorful.

3- Ghorme Sabzi:

A stew made of green vegetables, herbs, and meat. It is considered the national dish of Iran. The reason might be its popularity due to its flavorfulness.Stew is made by stir-frying the herbs like parsley, leeks, green onions, and coriander. The other greens you can add are kale and turnip greens.
The herbs add marvelous flavor to the beans and lamb or beef. The ingredients are softened in a pot by cooking in oil and water.The greens, the meat, and the flavor make it a lovely dish.

4- Kuku Sabzi:

It is a frittata made up of greens, herbs, and eggs. It is usually served as a side dish, but you can enjoy it as the main course.The green herbs give the kuku Sabzi a delicious flavor.
The creamy texture makes it enjoyable with the flatbreads with feta cheese.Kuku Sabzi is different from the other frittata, and you get lost in its flavor fulness. Britishers for style and the most famous Persian food.

5- Tahchin:

Tahchin is an amazing Persian food. It is a traditional dish, which is made up of chicken or lamb, rice, and yogurt.
Meat is cooked in a sauce, made up of saffron, onions, and other spices, and then layered with rice and yogurt. Then it is made to get crisp.
The dish can also be made with fish and vegetables. After the meat is prepared, it is baked in a large pot, on the bed of rice. The rice cooks and the meat caramelize on the bottom, resulting in the full of flavor Tahchin.

6- Bastani Sonnati:

Bastani Sonnati is a delicious sweet Persian food. It is popular in Persia. It is an ice cream flavored with saffron, rosewater, and pistachios. It is an amazing and famous dessert in Iran.
It has a creamy texture and marvelous flavor. The saffron makes its flavor unique from the other ice creams.

7- Jujeh kabab:

Jujeh Kabab is one of the most famous Persian dishes. The dish is made with chicken and served with rice. The chicken is marinated with lemon juice, onion, and spices. Saffron is a significant ingredient in Persian dishes, and it is also present in the Jujeh kabab. While merination, the taste of saffron and lemon juice gets absorbed in the chicken.
If you are going to visit Iran, must try these kababs. These are commonly served with rice, but you can enjoy them with any starch or grain.

8- Pashmak:

Pashmak is a dessert in Persian food. In the dish, sugar and flour are used to make candy floss, often topped with pistachios. It resembles cotton candy and is commonly served as a dessert or snack. It has a light and fluffy texture.

9- Qottab:

Qottab is a Persian pastry. Thin layers of dough are filled with different fillings. The fillings are delicious. The most common fillings include minced meat, cheese, and spinach.
Normally, qottabs are fried but you can bake them as well.It is a tradition to serve qottabs on the Persian new year, and every family has a secret recipe for these qottabs. The dish is versatile, it is tasty and sweet.

10- Abghoost or Dizi:

Abghoost is a stew and it is made up of lamb, chickpeas, tomatoes, and potatoes.
Dizi is another name for this Persian dish. Dizi is a traditional pot, in which the dish is been served.
The mix of lamb, chickpeas, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, turmeric, and dried lime makes an explosion of flavor in the mouth. Turmeric makes the dish appealing to the eyes.
It is served with taftoon bread, which is a type of flatbread. It can be enjoyed after dipping in the Dizi.

11- Baghali Polo ba Mahiche:

Baghali Polo is another perception dish with rice and fava beans. It can be enjoyed both, as a side dish or the main course. It has a heavenly fragrance and flavor. The dill of rice presents a shiny look, and the beans give it a creamy texture.
Baghali Polo is a part of special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Turmeric, saffron, Cinnamon, and pepper are the prominent ingredients of the dish. The dish looks beautiful and flavors delicious.

12- Salad Sherazi:

It is a Persian version of a Greek salad. Salad Sherazi has no lettuce in it. It has an amazing texture and flavor. Diced cucumber, tomatoes, onion, and parsley are tossed in a vinaigrette dressing, to make the salad shirazi.
The vinegar gives a bright flavor to the vegetables. Although it is a side dish, you can enjoy it with pita bread as a light and refreshing meal.

13- Tahdig:

Tahdig is a rice dish, which is made up of basmati rice but you can also use other types of rice as well. It is crispy in texture, Golden in color, and delicious. The rice gets its crisp due to being cooked with butter or oil. It is commonly served with kababs, stews, or lamb, or simply enjoy the dish on its own.
The butter or oil is well absorbed in the rice giving them a nice texture. You can make the rice even with the leftover rice. It is a tasty and crispy rice dish must give it a try!

14- Biryani:

Biryani is made with a lot of variations around the globe. It is made up of rice and meat which is usually chicken or lamb. It has a refined blend of spices including saffron, that provides it a pretty yellow color. Typically biryani is served with yogurt or raita. Raita is made by adding cucumber, onions, tomatoes, and some spices to the yogurt.
The tender meat and flavorful rice make the biryani, a filling Persian dish. There is a slight difference in the taste of every morsel due to the variety of spices.

15- Zulbia:

A deep-fried Persian dessert, made with a mixture of corn, starch, flour, and baking powder, is called Zulbia. The resulting dough is fried and then coat in sugar syrup. The dish is often served with ice cream, fruits, or on a dessert platter.You can eat the dish alone or enjoy it with other dishes like Bastani Sonata.

16- Kabab Barg:

Kabab Barg is a matchless Persian dish. The flavor is delicious, which is enhanced due to the tenderness of the meat.
These kababs are made from high-quality filet mignon, which is the most tender cut of beef.
The particular Persian spices make the kababs fragrant and flavourful. You can enjoy the kababs by eating them alone or with rice.

17- Khoresh Fesenjaan:

The dish belongs to be served on special occasions. The stew is made up of Pomegranate syrup, ground walnuts, and chicken. It gets a unique flavor due to its unique ingredients.
Must try the sweetness of walnut and tartness of the Pomegranate syrup with the tender chicken.
You can enjoy all the Persian dishes after finding the best Persian restaurants near me. You can get Persian dishes throughout the world, due to their flavorfulness and fame.
You can look for Persian Restaurants in Westwood, Persian restaurants Dallas, Persian restaurants Atlanta, Persian restaurants California, Persian restaurants North Carolina, Persian restaurants Kansas, or Persian restaurants in other regions of the world.You can visit the best Persian restaurants near me and enjoy the above-mentioned and many other famous Persian dishes.

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