Best Times Square Pizza in 2023

Times Square  Pizza (Pizzeria) is a restaurant in Lexington, NC. The restaurant is best for you, if you have a craving for yummy New York-style pizza, pasta, and a lot more delicious Italian dishes.
The restaurant, Times Square Pizza’s doors are wide open 7 days a week, for non-stop provision of tasty food to the customers. You can visit, any day of the week without thinking for a while, the Times Square Pizza will be ready to serve you.

Let us know about the owner of the restaurant. Salvatore Looz is a second-generation owner. Who was born in Naples, Italy? He was brought up in the same place. His father Raffaele Looz, and his uncle Gennaro Lucci opened Lenny’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. At that time they were living in New York.

After then, they are busy paving the paths to success, by opening several restaurants in the area of Triad. In October 2016, they opened Times Square Pizza in New York. In October 2015, a Times Square Pizza was opened in Winston-Salem.

Times Square Pizza
Times Square Pizza

The family is also a real owner of several other high-standard restaurants like Mama Mia’s in Wallburg, which was initiated in 2010. The restaurant “Elizabeth’s pizza”, in High Point also belongs to them. Elizabeth’s pizza was established in 1983 by his father and Salvatore took charge in 1991.

Salvatore states that Times Square- pizza is different from the others because the food made over here is closest to the original. Success greatly depends on the quality of ingredients chosen for the recipes. Another marvelous unique feature of the restaurant is either the bread or the sauce, each and everything is freshly homemade.

The recipes are not slightly different from the recipes used in New York. The New Yorkers are so satisfied with the taste of the dishes that they have rated the restaurant Times Square Pizza 9 out of 10.

Come, visit us, order the food and get to know the reason why Times -Square pizza is the favorite Pizza parlor of the people. You can either visit the Lexington or Winston-Salem location and try the pizza about which everyone is talking.

At Times Square- pizza, you can enjoy the soft doughed, flavourful ingredients, extraordinary herbs and cheesy pizza, the tenderly cooked pasta which is loaded with flavors, and other delicious Italian dishes, at Times Square Pizza.

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