Ding Tea Menu Discount Offer

Ding Tea Menu with Price Discount Offer

Ding Tea is an indispensable taste. We believe and insist that the infinite possibility of tea no matter black tea or milk tea. Thus, we keep launching new products to make our franchisees grow and thrive. Since 2007, the founder has intended to promote the brand and Taiwanese tea culture to the world, created a new mainstream of exclusive drinks, and insisted on bringing consumers new and refined drinks.

Ding Milk Tea Menu with Price

Types of TeaPriceTypes of TeaPrice
Signature Milk Tea$4.65+Vanilla Milk Tea$4.65+
Oolong Milk Tea$4.65+Taro Milk Tea$4.65+
Chocolate Milk Tea$4.65+Peach Milk Tea$4.65+
Hazelnut Milk Tea$4.65+Matcha Milk Tea$4.65+
Honey Milk Tea$4.65+Lychee Milk Tea$4.65+
Mango Milk Tea$4.65+Hokkaido Milk Tea$4.65+
Passion Fruit Milk Tea$4.65+Coffee Milk Tea$4.65+
Strawberry Milk Tea$4.65+Brown Sugar Milk Tea$4.65+
Thai Milk Tea$4.65+Jasmine Milk Tea$4.65+
Winter Melon Milk Tea$4.65+Winter Melon Green Milk Tea$4.65+
Ding Tea Menu
Ding Tea Menu
Types of CoffeePriceTypes of CoffeePrice
Vietnamese Coffee$4.65+Vanilla Coffee$4.65+
Hazelnut Coffee$4.65+Mocha Coffee$4.65+
Hokkaido Coffee$4.65+Americano Coffee$4.65+
Brown Sugar Coffee Latte$4.65+
Types of JuicePriceTypes of JuicePrice
Aloe Vera Honey Juice$4.90+Aloe Vera Kiwi Juice$4.90+
Aloe Vera Peach Juice$4.90+Aloe Vera Lychee Juice$4.90+
Aloe Vera Mango Juice$4.90+Aloe Vera Passion Fruit Juice$4.90+
Aloe Vera Grapefruit Juice$4.90+
Types of SlushPriceTypes of SlushPrice
Strawberry Slush$4.90+Mango Slush$4.90+
Lychee Slush$4.90+Passion Fruit Slush$4.90+
Peach Slush$4.90+Coffee Slush$4.90+
Thai Tea Slush$4.90+Chocolate Slush$4.90+
Types of YogurtPriceTypes of YogurtPrice
Green Tea Yakult/Yogurt$4.90+Lychee Yakult / Yogurt$4.90+
Peach Yakult / Yogurt$4.90+Mango Yakult / Yogurt$4.90+
Passion Fruit Yakult / Yogurt$4.90+Strawberry Yakult / Yogurt$4.90+
Grapefruit Yakult / Yogurt$4.90+
Types of FoodPriceTypes of FoodPrice
Popcorn Chicken$6.45Fried Tofu$5.95
Cajun Fries$5.75House Special Garlic Noodles$8.50+
Fried Bao (2 pcs)$7.25Crawfish Pasta$12.95+
House Special Fried Rice$8.50+Bubble Waffles

Ding Tea Near me


Ding Tea Oak Park

Address: 12236 W 95th St Unit A, Lenexa, KS 66215

Dingtea Arlington

Address:2425 SE Green Oaks Blvd Ste 115, Arlington, TX 76018

Address: 3317 Belt Line Rd, Garland, TX 75044
laca boba tea house
Address: 12500 East 86th St N #108, Owasso, OK 74055



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