lactose Free Milk is Healthy ?

What is lactose free milk?

Lactose free milk is a commercial product, that contains the enzyme ‘Lactase’ in it. It is beneficial for the people who cannot tolerate the lactose present in the milk.Enzymes are the chemical compounds which helps in digesting or breaking down, the nutrients or other chemical compounds.

Lactase is an enzyme which helps in digesting Lactose. There are different sugars present in the milk like glucose maltose fructose and lactose. These sugars present in the milk are the source of carbohydrates. The most abundant sugar in the milk is lactose.

Some people cannot tolerate lactose, and if they intake milk there stomach gets upset. For such persons lactose-free milk is manufactured, by adding lactase in normal cow milk. In this way, the milk easily digests in the body.In taste, nutrition, and texture the lactose-free milk is almost equal to the regular milk. So, it can be intake simply or can be used to make different dishes.

The people who cannot tolerate lactose, may get stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain after you taking regular milk.more

Lactose free milk benefits

Lactose-free milk benefits are enormous for the ones who cannot digest lactose. When the lactose does not digests in the stomach, it cause to ferment the milk in intestines, resulting in the production of gases and causing other painful symptoms.

Lactose free milk benefits
The benefits are mentioned below:

1- Avoid Gas, Vomiting or Diarrhea:Lactose-free milk contains lactase, which breakdowns the lactose into simpler sugars, which can be easily digested by the body. So, it does not cause gas, vomiting for diarrhoea.

2- Strength of bones and teeth:The strength of bones and teeth depends upon the calcium. Vitamin D is a nutrient which helps in absorbing calcium in the bones. Calcium and vitamin D, both are present abundantly in the milk.

The people who do not entake milk due to the lectose intolerance may suffer from weak bones and teeth, fractures, osteoporosis, rickets, and muscle pains.So the lactose-free milk is perfect for providing these nutrients and avoiding such diseases.

3- Delicious taste:The taste of lactose-free milk is a bit sweeter than the regular milk. When we add lactase enzyme in the regular milk, the lectose breakdowns into the simpler sugars glucose and galactose, and the milk gets sweeter.

4- Extremely Hygienic:Lactose-free milk is extremely hygienic because it is processed and all the rules and regulations are followed to keep it hygienic.

5- Use in recipes:It has the taste same as the regular milk, therefore it can be used in making all the recipes which contains milk as an ingredient. Enjoy the tasty recipes without getting ill.

6- Safe for adults:Lactose-free milk does not contain any hormone or other additive, hence it is safe for adults.

7- Accessible:The lactose-free milk is easily available in the stores and supermarkets.

8- Free from hormones:The cows are no hormones or antibiotics which are given to cows before getting milk. The milk will be fresh, pure and full of nutrients, also GMO-free.

When lactose is added in this pure regular milk, it does not affect the hormonal system because it is hormone free.
All in all, lactose-free milk has enormous benefits and it is a perfect alternative of regular milk for the individuals who cannot consume regular milk. In this way, they will get all the nutrition present in the milk.

Lactose Free milk nutrition

Now we are clearly familiar with the fact that like lactose-free milk contains lactase, which aids the digestion of milk. But the addition of this enzymes do not affect the nutrition value. So, the lactose-free milk has the same nutrition as the regular milk.

A cup which serves 240 ml lactose-free milk contains supply is about 8 grams of proteins.Other than proteins, valuable amounts of micronutrients are also present in lactose-free milk. Calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B12 and riboflavin are among those micronutrients present in the milk.
Vitamin D is also present in the lactose-free milk. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient, which is essential to carry out various metabolic activities for boosting the health.All this nutritious value shows that lactose-free milk is not less in any aspect than regular milk.
1 Cup Lactose Free Milk
  • cup (244g )
  • Calories from Fat 42. Calories 124.
  • 7% Total Fat 4.7g.
  • 14% Saturated Fat 2.9g.
  • 7% Cholesterol 20mg.
  • 5% Sodium 127mg.
  • 11% Potassium 395mg.
  • 4% Total Carbohydrates 12g.

Lactose-free milk for babies

Lectose free milk for babies is manufactured for the infants who cannot digest the milk with lactose sugar. Milk is a basic food which is given to the babies for the growth and development. But if the stomach of babies is intolerant of lectose, giving regular milk will highly affect their health negatively.

CMA is another disorder caused by intake of regular cow milk. Although the apparent symptoms are same but there is difference between lectose intolerance and CMA. CMA is reaction by the immune system after the intake of regular cow’s milk.

Lactose-free milk for babies
Lactose-free milk for babies

For those infants who are suffering from CMA cannot even take the processed milk.There are different brands and companies which keenly observes the need of lactose-free milk for lactose intolerant babies. Therefore, many companies manufactures lactose-free milk.

Lactose-free milk taste

Lactose free milk taste a bit sweeter than the regular milk. The reason of little more sweetness in the taste is, when the enzyme ‘Lactase’ is added in the regular milk for breaking down the complex sugar lactose. It is broken in two simpler sugars glucose and galactose.
They cause the lactose free milk a bit sweeter than the regular milk.There is just a minor difference in the taste, but consider it while making the recipes, so that you can get a perfect taste. The best thing is that the minor tase change does not changes the nutritious value.

lactose free milk side effects

There are side effects of lactose free milk for the ones who are allergic to the milk. Even though lactose-free milk is processed milk but still it is not suitable for the persons who are allergic to the milk.

Some brands may add additional sugars while processing the milk. It may lead to the cravings for sugar. So be careful for choosing the lactose-free milk with no added sugars.The persons who are not eating vegan food or having a dairy-free products should not use lactose-free milk.more


Lactose-free milk is a perfect alternative for regular milk. It is processed for the adults and infants separately. There is a bit difference in taste of lactose-free milk and regular milk but no difference in nutritious value. Lactose-free milk is suitable for lactose intolerant people but not suitable for the infants and people suffering from CMA and milk allergy. There are different brands that manufacture lactose-free milk. Replace the lactose-free milk with the regular milk and get all the health benefits.


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