Top CCTV Cameras to Invest In For 2023

Top CCTV Cameras

As our lives are enveloped by the technology around us, so are our safety concerns. Digital theft and theft in general run rampant in many societies. The need for constant surveillance is not important but a necessity in today’s time. Therefore, investing in a good CCTV camera for your workplace or your home is something many should look into for the year 2023. Moving forward, we’ll discuss some of the most solid picks available today that can help safeguard your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Many cameras, including those by top brands, rely on an active internet connection to upload their footage to the cloud. Companies like Google offer free cloud storage too and you can upscale to get even more, HD-quality footage to view anytime. Though, in general, video footage can be quite big in size, often taking up GBs of internet. To make sure you get the best backup for important CCTV footage, consider calling up AT&T customer service and get access to a slew of features including robust internet that has your back in terms of data backup, uploads, and downloads.

And now, without further ado, let’s check out our listicle of some solid CCTV cams!


This one has a pretty self-explanatory name. It’s a cam that is simple. Simple, how you may ask? Well, in its setup and application of course! The SimpliCam is part of the SimpliSafe home security setup. If you’re looking to expand your security to other horizons such as covering your gate, your lawn, electrical wiring, and all that good stuff, then consider checking out the SimpliSafe network. They have a solid ecosystem going on and even if you’re settling just for the SimpliCam for now, you won’t be disappointed.

SimpliCam CCTV Camera
SimpliCam CCTV Camera

For those who want to get into the technical juices, there’s a helpful app to rock with this camera. And installation is DIY if you’re up for some homely tinkering. The only part that may sting is that cloud storage isn’t free and ranges from anywhere between $9.99 to $29.99 depending on your package.


Lorex security systems are a name known to big businesses for a long time. They provide services for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Talking strictly about the outdoor aspect, Lorex sports a good variety of cams that are all waterproofed and provide resolution of up to 4K so you get security that is unparalleled. Their night modes are reliable as well for anyone looking to get pesky after daylight hours. Another good thing to note is that, to some extent, their cameras are vandal-proof as well! There are heavy-duty metal casings along with protection for power cords. This guarantees that your camera won’t be subjected to beatings or the occasional animal encounter.

Lorex cctv camera
Lorex cctv camera

Be warned though, Lorex spurts out business-grade cameras which are imbued with the best of tech. They usually cost a pretty penny and don’t go down too much in terms of pricing, even on sale. There’s Wi-FIi6 technology in these gadgets but then again, for a price that’s well above $150, we wouldn’t be surprised if you got the extra cheese.

Ring Cam

Ring was solely responsible for reviving the video doorbell market. This was enough to push Google to come up with its own competition as well. Fast forward to 2023, Ring has been bought by Amazon which continues to manufacture some amazing cams by and for the company. They specialize in home security cameras that comprise of:

  • Ring Indoor Cam
  • Ring Stick Up Cam
  • Ring Floodlight Cam
  • Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring likes to make its cams super techy. They’ve got spicy tech like face detection, motion detection, two-way voice, and Amazon Alexa packed up with their cams. The company charges $3 for cloud video storage and this number increases if you’re looking to hook up more than one device.

Ring Cam
Ring Cam cctv

Wyze Cam

The most budget-friendly option we have on our list. The Wyze Cam starts from around $29.99 and offers similar features to some of its biggest competitors. Best of all? There’s a helpful mobile app to go along with them and cloud storage is free. Read that again!

Wyze CCTV Camera
Wyze CCTV Camera

Their cams don’t offer mechanical rotation so you’ll have to make use of DIY monitoring. But, there are good features like geofencing, Amazon Alexa (for voice commands from your phone), and the ability to detect specific frequencies as well. Users get mobile alerts too in case there’s an emergency like the smoke alarm going off when you’re not home. Cloud storage is free for the first 14 days and then you’d have to pay to keep the service continuing.more


That’s a wrap on our top picks for CCTV cameras both for your home and workplace. Many of these regularly go up on sale so don’t hesitate to check out sites like Amazon or Best Buy for sweet deals. Stay secure, get one of these.



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