American Best Wings in 2023

American Best Wings:

America’s Best Wings was established in 2006 and since then it is provided a variety of delicious food in reasonable prices and an adequate meal serving. The restaurant is not setting for less in any aspect, therefore, providing best services along with best food is also something remarkable.You can select your favorite dish from a long list of dishes.

You will not be disappointed either you want to eat seafood, burgers and wraps or you just want a salad to enjoy, and our speciality is tasty Buffalo wings. Your favorites will be served on your table with a fantastic aroma, a fascinating presentation and of course, a yummy taste.Once you visit American Best Wings, you will definitely come back to enjoy either your favorite or a new dish to sooth your taste buds. Come with you family, friends or even alone.more

American Best Wings
American Best Wings

America’s Best Wings Menu:

Let’s have a look on the broad American Best Wings menu in different categories:

1- Grilled Subs:
Grilled Chicken.
Philly Cheese Steak.
Buffalo Chicken.
Philly Cheese Chicken.
Cat Fish (Grilled or Fried).
Steak+ Chicken.
Tilapa Fish (Grilled or Fried).
Shrimp +Steak
Grilled Shrimp.
Shrimp + Chicken.

2- Fresh Club Subs:
Ham (Hot or Cold).
Turkey Breast (Hot or Cold).
Chef’s Club (Turkey, Ham).
American Club (Turkey, Ham, Club).

3- Burgers:
Cheese Burger.
Buffalo Chicken Burger.
Grilled Chicken.
Turkey Burger.
Veggie Burger.
Cat Fish Burger (Grilled or Fried).
Tilapia Fish Burger.
Grilled or Fried.
American Jumbo Burger (Everything).

4- Wraps:
Steak Wrap.
Veggie Wrap.
Grilled Chicken Wrap.
Buffalo Chicken Wrap.
Club Wrap (Ham, Turkey).
Cat Fish Wrap.
Grilled or Fried.
Tilapia Fish Wrap.
Grilled or Fried.
Grilled Shrimp Wrap.

5- Premium Salads:
Green Salad.
Steak Salad.
Ham Salad.
Turkey Salad.
Crispy Tender Salad.
Chef’s Salad.
Cranberry & Chicken Salad.
Tilapia Salad.
Grilled Shrimp Salad.
Grilled Chicken Salad.

6- Chicken Tenders:
Chicken Tenders
4pcs / 5pcs / 6pcs / 10pcs.
Tender Combo
5pcs with fries and 12oz can drink.

7- Wings:
Buffalo Wings
5pcs / 10pcs / 20pcs / 30pcs /
50pcs / 75pcs / 100pcs / 200pcs.
Buffalo Wings Combo
Kids Meal Wings
Boneless Wings
5pcs / 10pcs / 20pcs / 30pcs.
Boneless Wings Combo
5pcs / 10pcs with fries and 12oz can drink.
Whole Wings
3pcs / 5pcs / 10pcs / 15pcs /
20pcs / 50pcs.
Small Box Combo
3pcs with fries and 12oz can drink.
Medium Box Combo
4pcs with fries and 12oz can drink.
Big Box Combo
5pcs with fries and 12oz can drink.

8- Seafood:
Sea Trout (Grilled or Fried.
Cat Fish (Grilled or Fried).
Tilapia Fish (Grilled or Fried).
Whiting (Grilled or Fried).
Flounder (Grilled or Fried).

9- Family Fish:
Sea Trout (Grilled or Fried).
Cat Fish (Grilled or Fried).
Tilapia Fish (Grilled or Fried).
Whiting (Grilled or Fried).
Flounder (Grilled or Fried).

9- Shrimp:
Shrimp (Grilled or Fried).

10- Side Orders:
Cheese Fries.
Dirty Rice
Crab Stick.
Onion Rings.
Garlic Bread.
Potato Salad.
Hush Puppies
Mixed Steamed Veggie.
Crab Stick.
Fried Dill Pickles.
Fried Mushroom.
Jalapeño Cheese.

11- 30 Flavors:
Thai Chili.
Cajun spicy.
Old Bay spicy.
Kansas City.
Hot BBQ spicy.
Hot Teriyaki.
Hot Old Bay.
Hot Caribbean Citrus Pepper .
Hot Lemon Pepper.
Hot Jamaican Jerk.
Power Ranch.
24 Karat.
Lemon Pepper.
Lemon Teriyaki.
Teriyaki Braised.
Jamaican Jerk.
Moon Dust.
Carribean Citrus.
Mild + Parmesan.
Honey BBQ.
Honey Lemon.
Honey Garlic Pepper.
Honey Mustard.
Garlic & Parmesan.
Lemon Pepper.
Lemon Teriyaki.
Teriyaki Braised.
Jamaican Jerk.

Yum! A long list of food to choose and eat according to your cravings and now you must be thinking of American Best Wings near me to visit, takeout or for a home delivery. American Best Wings is established in different areas like Bowie, Temple Hills, Admission Plaza, Clinton, Fort Washington, Greenbelt, Gwynn Oak, Marlow heights, Owing Mills, Oxon Hill, Upper Marlboro, Plaza Drive, and Benco Shopping. more

You can search for an American Best Wings near me and enjoy their meal and ambiance .You will definitely find them perfect in their services. Now you are well familiar with America’s Best Wings Menu and it’s branches at different areas. Search for an America’s Best Wings near me and visit at your earliest to satisfy your cravings for a delicious food in a reasonable price.


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